Code of Conduct

I. Ethical standards

This Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Code) was approved by resolution of
the General Meeting of Shareholders of AMEplus Sp. z o.o. in Gliwice, which undertakes to
observe the principles contained in the Code, to implement and regularly evaluate them, as
well as to update them. The Code reflects the values that AMEplus shares and follows. It is
a standard of conduct for all employees, partners, customers and contractors, both in
internal and external relations.

II. Mission

AMEplus is one of the leading Polish companies providing services in the field of design,
developing software and installation of automation equipment and control systems.
AMEplus has several years of experience in the field of automation, mainly in the ore
enrichment and copper refining industry, the engineering and automotive industries, as well
as in the energy, construction chemicals and food industries. Since the beginning of its
activities, AMEplus puts great emphasis on delivering the highest quality of services. The
company is a proven and reliable supplier of integrated applications and services in the field
of automation and control systems, developed by several dozen of experienced specialists.
Based on the latest technologies and advanced knowledge of system analysis and control
optimisation, AMEplus is able to cooperate with the world’s leading companies on multiple

III. Values

Both in internal and external relations, AMEplus adheres to universal values promoting
honesty, diligence and conscientiousness in the performance of tasks, as well as quality,
innovation, ingenuity and cooperation for the common good. AMEplus places emphasis on
building and maintaining mutual trust among employees, colleagues and business partners.
The company ensures that working hours correspond to the respective legal requirements.
The wages and benefits paid or received for a normal working week correspond at the very
least to the legally valid and guaranteed minimum. AMEplus respects the fundamental right
of all employees to freedom of association. It promotes respect, understanding and mutual
assistance regardless of the position or differences of opinion.

IV. Work standards

AMEplus respects and complies with international labour standards on human and civil
rights, considering them fundamental and universally applicable. It respects and observes
basic standards of health and safety at work.
AMEplus respects and observes the principle of equal treatment of employees and co-
workers in terms of employment conditions, cooperation, promotion and access to training
to improve professional qualifications.
AMEplus is strongly opposing discrimination against employees, in particular on the basis
of sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, social status, political beliefs and ethnic
AMEplus respects the prohibition of child labour (children under the age of 16),the
prohibition of forced labour, mental and physical coercion and defamation, insulting and
sexual harassment, and considers the workplace free of such practices.
AMEplus respects the principles of confidentiality of information, recognising that business
data and data disclosed by business partners and clients in the course of business should
be strictly protected, unless they have been made public. The rules on observing the
confidentiality of information also include the proper protection of computer systems to
protect them against unauthorised access.
AMEplus observes the principles of intellectual property protection both in relation to its
employees and associates, as well as in relations with its clients to the extent resulting from
the concluded agreements.
AMEplus respects the principles of personal data protection, in accordance with the laws in
force in general (GDPR), and is committed to respecting the rights of data subjects:
employees, associates, customers or suppliers.

V. Business ethics

AMEplus administration maintains accurate recording in business books and documents in accordance with applicable law and generally accepted accounting principles, including financial accounts and time records. AMEplus regularly reports to registration and tax authorities.

AMEplus observes the principles of fair competition and takes all possible measures to prevent bribery and illegal payments in order to obtain benefits. AMEplus commits itself to react immediately to any form of corruption or activity that may be corrupt. It is the duty of
each partner, employee and associate to avoid any activity that leads to a conflict of interest
and to accept and offer gifts as part of the company’s business. No payment of any kind
shall be made to public administration officials or political parties. It is forbidden to take
advantage of confidential information from the company or available due to the job position.
The ethical principles applied by AMEplus in business take into account the respect for
privacy, which ensures that everyone has the right to the protection of the law against
interference and attack on their privacy, family, home, correspondence or reputation.
Out of concern for the quality of its services and products, AMEplus applies processes
minimizing the risk of introducing counterfeit parts and materials into deliverable products. If
counterfeit items are detected, they are separated and the information reported to the
Original Equipment Manufacturer and / or law enforcement.
AMEplus respects economic sanctions and export control laws that may restrict or prohibit
trade with certain countries, regions, companies or entities and individuals. There are
policies and processes in place to ensure that no company entities or employees engage in
prohibited activities.

VI. Contacts with clients

AMEplus provides its customers with innovative services of the highest quality and feels
responsible for the goals and success of its customers. AMEplus declares respect and
openness to the needs of its clients, ensuring that they benefit from the high skills and
experience of its employees and associates. AMEplus makes every effort to ensure that its
services meet the highest standards and expectations of customers, both in Poland and

VII. Management system

AMEplus provides system management of all processes that affect the quality of services
provided. It ensures their smooth operation, supervision and monitoring at all stages, as
well as adaptation to changing technological needs. High quality of services is supported by
the measures of environmental protection.

VIII. Environmental protection

Ensuring environmental protection is one of the key elements of the company image. The
aim of AMEplus is to introduce innovative technologies, while respecting all legal standards
in the field of environmental protection. AMEplus declares to respect the principle of
sustainable development in the field of environmental protection, including the optimal use
of natural resources, energy and water consumption, and to reduce the amount of waste
generated at each stage of the company’s operations. In particular, it cares about air quality
and minimizes gas emissions that pose a threat to the environment and health, including
GHG emissions. At AMEplus, gas is used for heating in winter and cooling in summer, while
water consumption is limited only for hygienic purposes. Gas and water are not used in any
AMEplus production processes. In preventive measures in the field of environmental
protection, AMEplus uses renewable energy, which is obtained from photovoltaic panels
and a gas heat pump. AMEplus requires compliance with the health and safety instructions for the use of chemical substances, which ensures that everyone who uses and handles chemicals does so in a safe and proper manner, minimizing environmental impact.

IX. Implementation of the Code

The provisions of the Code were adopted by way of a resolution of the Shareholders, and
then announced to the employees and associates. AMEplus partners, customers and
suppliers can access the Code on the Company’s website. Employees and partners are
encouraged to make any comments and objections to its content. All comments and
initiatives, as well as disputes arising from the application of the Code, shall be settled by
the Management Board of the Company.

How you can report concerns relating to violations against Code of Conduct?

If you have a question or concern about what is proper conduct, or if you suspect that the
Code of Conduct is being violated, contact the CEO of the Company.
If you have any complaints or concerns regarding potential violations of our Code, please
advise us on a confidential basis by contacting the Internet:

All submissions are verified according to the established process. A person who in good
faith expresses a concern or reports misconduct is doing the right thing and complying with
the Code. AMEplus will not tolerate retaliation against such a person. The whistleblowing
system ensures that doubts are also reported anonymously. These reports do not have
negative work consequences. Confidentiality and no disciplinary action will be taken against
any person accused of misconduct or non-compliance until an investigation is completed.
Those who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Tadeusz Legierski, CEO, 2020