Article of the Year 2020 of Shock and Vibration journal for work co-authored by AMEplus

The inaugural Article of the Year Award for Shock and Vibration journal for 2020 was granted to the article co-authored by AMEplus:

Development and Verification of the Diagnostic Model of the Sieving Screen” by Pavlo Krot, Radoslaw Zimroz, Anna Michalak, Jacek Wodecki, Szymon Ogonowski, Michal Drozda, and Marek Jach.

The Chief Editor Dr. Huu-Tai Thai selected this article for the following reasons:

“This article has been selected due to its significant contributions in fault diagnoses of vibrating machines used in the mining industry. Its content is also well aligned with the journal’s scope, and is expected to be of significant interest to the research community.”

We encourage you to read this article here (

The awarded article is the result of the project OPMO: OPERATION MONITORING OF MINERAL MINING AND CRUSHING MACHINERY co-financed by EIT Raw Materials GmbH.