Automotive industry

Control of car body production processes

Ranges of these projects include modifications of conveyor systems skid transportation systems and EHB of for a car body in a welding body shops, paint shops and at final assembly dept., and also the implementations of robots into paint shop lines and UBS lines (anticorrosive protection of chassis) and starting the systems of the wireless identification of MOBY-E car body, monitoring and the optimization of recourses control in production of the body. The vast professional experience in the subject range is reflected by following projects realized for:

  • SKODA Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav and Kvasiny (Czech Republic),
  • Mercedes in Vittoria (Spain),
  • Volkswagen in Poznan and Shanghaju (China),
  • BMW in Greenville, South Caroline (USA),
  • KIA Motors Zylina (Slovakia),
  • GM OPEL in Gliwice Poland,
  • Fiat Auto in Tychy Poland.

The range of realized projects included modernization or preparation of control systems applicable at all stages of the car body production, and among others, following tasks:

  • Conveyor system for Transportation of car body in welding shop, paint shop and in final assembly shops.
  • Control of production recourses using statistical analysis and optimization methods.
  • Process of car body cleaning in EMU stations.
  • Robot stations for sealing and painting applications Control of robots station in the process of the anticorrosive protection, sealing up and painting.
  • Monitoring, control and optimization of control for resources in the production of car body.
  • Systems of the wireless identification of car body and tracing the production of car body.


BMW Spartanburg South Carolina USA

Project of sotftware for BMW model X5 for lines: Framing, Motor Inner/Outer, SideFrame.

Siemens S7 416-2DP, PILZ SafetyPLC, sieci Profibus, Ethernet, Phoenix Interbus, PILZ SafetyBus

Hyundai Montgomery Alabama USA

Control System for the high-storing magazine for a varnish workshop.

Control Logix 5555, PanelView 1000, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet

Mercedes Benz Espana in Vitoria Spain

Conveyor Control System in Varnish Workshop in Mercedes Vito.

Siemens S7-400 in Profibus Network, Wonderware InTouch

Skoda Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic

The preparation of the M11A and M11B workshops for new ©koda Octavia production.

Modyfications of skid’s and EHB transport system, implementation of the wireless identyfication systems of the MOBY-E car’s body on EHB; the preparation of the robot’s implementation on the UBS lines (chassis corrosion protection)

The preparation of the M13 workshop (the final assembly workshop) for new ©koda Octavia production: the preparation of the wheel and EHB transport, the implementation of the new visualtization system based on Cimplicity PE HMI.

System of 60 PLC’s GE Intelligent Platforms 90-70 in Ethernet Network, 10 servers HMI CIMPLICITY and Microsoft SQL Server with Redundancy

Skoda Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic

Modernization of M11STS00 Operator Station in M11A Workshop.
Development of Control and Communication system. The optymalization of the production resources control. The modernization of the produced car’s bodies magazine control in M11B varnish workshop- the conversion of the autonomous control into FIS-Optimo control production

Skoda Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic

The modernization of the varnish cabin at the BC (Base Coat) basic color line – spraymate or AIR. The exchange of the standart varnish AIR machine fo three Duerr robots.

PACSystems RX7i of GE Intelligent Platforms firm, PSS3100 of PILZ firm, CIMPLICITY PE HMI firmy GE Intelligent Platforms.

Skoda Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic

Modernization of Conveyor system in M12B Workshop.
Development of PLC software for control cabinets.

Skoda Auto a.s. in Kvasiny Czech Republic

The conveyor control system in the Skoda SuperB weld workshop. The conveyor control system at the hall join and in the Skoda SuperB final assembly hall.

Siemens S7- 400 in Interbus network

Skoda Auto a.s. in Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic

Control and Monitoring system of Varnish Workshop in Skoda OCTAVIA and FELICIA.

System of 60 PLC’s GE Intelligent Platforms 90-70 in Ethernet Network, 10 servers HMI CIMPLICITY and Microsoft SQL Server with Redundancy

VW Poznań Poland

Conveyor Control System in Final Assembly Workshop. The work optimalization of the technologic convey machines.

Siemens S7-400 in Profibus Network

VW Shanghaj China

Conveyor Control System of Varnish Workshop.

Siemens S7-400 in Profibus Network