Computer systems

Datalogger VWS

Datalogger with dedicated spectrum analyzer software designed to collect measurements of signals from vibrating wire sensors.more>


AMESITE package is performed in internet technologies and is a program tool for preparation and running an application of visualization systems, monitoring and acquisition and processing the measurement data of various kinds of objects, as well as applications to their remote control with internet browsers use.. more>


Supervision system managing staff and equipment identification and localization in mining industry. Amethyst  uses a tele-transmitting radio-network, the main element of which is a leaky feeder applied in the mine corridors, ensuring communication with all receivers/transmitters within the leaky feeder’s range. more>


ATS4 is the modern computer system designed for timetabling and school or university resources management. more>

OPC Drivers

Today’s SCADA systems of visualization use drivers in the OPC standard. OPC provides standard interfaces for the sole purpose of facilitating interoperability between software components for a variety of different applications. more>

OCX Controller

AmeGridX is OCX controller which is used to present the following data: from relational databases (contents of the Recordset ADO object); generated by the program(VBA); taken from other controllers by fastening their properties. more>