Research and Development works with regard to optimization of control of technological processes

AMEplus offers research and development services in the field of identification of technological processes identification and in the area of processes optimization control. The offer is based on rich professional experience of AMEplus employees in the domain of technological processes system analysis, in particular in the area of control complex adjustment systems.

Consulting for industrial power engineering

Consultancy activities in professional and industrial power engineering. Technical advising and pre-designing preparations, e.g.: technical and economic analysis, statement of expenses, feasibility studies, due diligence. Present market of power engineering utilities forces a necessity for undertaking new power engineering projects and a modernization of existing resources. Vital investment decisions in power engineering prerequisite identification of client’s needs and possibilities along with its strengths.

Strength can be insufficiently used production capacities, a cheap fuel, a possibility to use an association effect, a take over of new markets, etc.  These types of system analyses also take into consideration a potential risk concerning the project realization. Purpose for such analyses is searching for an optimum plan of the investment task with regard to power engineering. AMEplus offers a consulting activity in the professional and industrial power engineering including technical advising and executing studies about the pre-design character, e.g.: technical-economic analyses, compositions of costs, feasibility studies, due diligence.

Consulting preparations are presented in various concepts which are subjected to the system analysis enabling searches of the optimum solution from the point of the sight of needs and client’s possibilities.