Control systems

PLC programming

PLC dept.  offer includes  programming, delivery and commissioning of PLC controllers (Programmable Logic Controller) of following brands: Siemens (SIMATIC S5 and S7), GE Intelligent Platforms (VersaMax, 90-30, 90-70, RX3i, RX7i), Allen Bradley (SLC 500, Control Logix 5555), Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon Schneider, SAIA.
PLC programming department disposes a great experience in programming transportation systems applicable at every stage of production in automotive industry: from butt-welding processes, through painting to a final assembly. Company’s own achievements are control systems for conversion processes such as: enriching copper ores, production of building chemistry.

SCADA Software

AMEplus experience in SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition) area  includes implementation and running the applications elaborated in environments of following systems: Intellution (FIX32, iFIX), GE Intelligent Platforms (Cimplicity, PROFICY PE, iFIX, iHistorian) Wonderware (InTouch), and Siemens (WinCC).

Telemetric systems

Telemetric systems, carried out by AMEplus so far, monitor and remotely control the drives of pumps installed in water intake places, as well as pipe and sewerage systems. These systems communicate with wide variety of controllers, for example electric protection microprocessor modules such as CU3 or  MP204 produced by GRUNDFOS Co. securing  the pump drives. Telemetric systems being offered use various transmission facilities: telephone line, radio lines (in that radio trunking networks) and cellular networks GSM/GPRS.

Vision Systems

Designing and software of video systems for products quality control and for measurement of process variables in technological adjustment process systems with the use of CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Mos) cameras as well as thermal Imaging Cameras IR (InfraRed).

Radio identification systems RFID

Computer radio-frequency identification and positioning systems RFID are based on wireless transmission systems, using Active Tag Readers ATR. These readers, by means of radio waves, detect and store a tag located in their range.

AMEplus offer includes designing of RFID systems used to identify persons, objects and technical devices. These systems can be also implemented to control the flow of the goods which are equipped with electronic systems. Thanks to the integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems it is also possible to collect current data related to resources being managed. The data interchange is processed by RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

Production control systems (MES)

AMEplus Programmers are highly professional specialists in drawing up and commissioning of applications for industrial data bases which are quite often bounded with  databases of ERP resource planning computer systems (e. g. SAP R/3). Prepared systems also manage the recipe databases, technological data and monitor production. Systems which have been commissioned are used to control production quality, production scheduling and to supervise technical surveys and equipment repairs.