Innovative projects


(Datalogger for Vibrating wire sensor Signals with Dedicated Spectrum Analyzer) with software of dedicated spectrum analyzer designed to collect measurements of signals from vibrating wire sensors, and  applied in geotechnical measurements is the latest product of AMEplus Co.

Vision Systems

Analysis and machine vision (MV) Industrial systems and  services concerning designing and programming of robots station integrated with PLC controller systems and with SCADA systems are the new specialty of AMEplus. AMEplus designs MV systems  based on IR thermo-vision cameras, and also the 2D and 3D cameras which use (their) own signal processors to the quick vision processing.

Automatic welding machine

The object of the AMEplus offer includes preparation, delivery and commissioning of automatic welding machines for welding of membrane walls applied in energy boilers. A control of the automatic welding machine is ensured by a PLC controller combined by a controller grid with converters of frequency in drive power supply systems to wire feeders and for transportation of welded walls. The offer also includes delivery and starting up complete lines for production of walls, and flat-bar calibration devices which mate with them, and bending machines for these walls as well

IT Systems

ATS4 – Advanced Timetabling Solutions, is a modern computer system designed to arrange school timetables and managing the resources of universities and schools

AMESITE – a program tool to prepare and run an application of systems for the data visualization, monitoring and collecting and for the data measurement processing of various kinds of objects, and also applications to their remote control with utilization of the Internet browsers.

AMETHYST – a computer system for identification and location of persons and technical devices used in mining industry. Amethyst communicates with radio tags readers ATR (Active Tags Reader) which read and store addresses of tags.


AMEplus’ considerable experience in the development, production and the implementation of advanced control systems proves that our team can serve as a trusted partner.


Programowanie sterowników PLC
T.Legierski, J.Kasprzyk, J.Wyrwał, J.Hajda
Pracownia Komputerowa Jacka Skalmierskiego

The first book in Poland devoted to the programming of PLC controllers. It was written as a result of the successful completion of the project concerning software control systems which was conducted as a part of TEMPUS European Didactic Program.The practical significance of this book lies in its authors vast experience in the fields of didactics, development and the implementation of control systems.

Programowanie Systemów SCADA
Ryszard Jakuszewski
Pracownia Komputerowa Jacka Skalmierskiego

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are software systems dealing with supervisory control and the visualization of industrial processes. They are widely used in industry and they are quickly developed. The book consists of numerous examples of control and visualization applications created in the system FIX32, Intellution.

Programowanie Systemów SCADA cz. 2
Ryszard Jakuszewski
Pracownia Komputerowa Jacka Skalmierskiego

Second part of “Programowania Systemów SCADA”. The book discusses the following issues is system Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX 4.0: the animation of graphical objects as well as the creating and usage of ready objects libraries, creating, browsing, conserving and managing the database of FIX32 package, generators for signals, instruments and methods for creating synoptical screens, real time graphs and the presentation of the process history in graphs.

Programming of industrial controllers
Jerzy Kasprzyk
Pracownia Komputerowa Jacka Skalmierskiego

Industrial controllers are the inseparable element of the automatic and control systems of every kind of machines, devices and industrial processes. The author, using experiences accrued over a period of many years, in running didactic lectures and specialist courses, presented a uniform, coherent and transparent conception of programming of the PLC controllers based on recommendations and definitions included in standard IEC 61131.

Automated Timetabling via Constraint Programming
Wojciech Legierski
Pracownia Komputerowa Jacka Skalmierskiego

In recent years Constraint Programming became a popular way in modeling and solving many problems from the field of artificial intelligence, combinatorial problems, processing of speech, scheduling. This book is a doctor’s thesis with main subject: “Constraint Programming, supported by a dedicated strategy of the distribution and dedicated methods of the local search, allowed effectively solve two categories of real problems of school timetable planning”.