OCX Controller

Module AmeFixRecorder

The storage of alarms and events of iFIX package into relational databases ODBC.

The program AmeFixRecorder has the following properties:

  • easy configuration for choosing alarms for archivization (in the format of additional array in relational database or in CSV type file)
  • the ability to reload the program configuration in online mode or to hold storing using FIX Tagname
  • the ability to start as a service
  • indexed relational database of alarms and events
  • the available option of automatic creation of new arrays for example for future months or years

Module AmeFIXAlarmRecorder

Enables the storage of alarms into relational database. The module has the following properties:

  • uses Data Source Names OD-BC to determine appropriate relational database
  • uses queue WUSERQ1.EXE and stores the following information about alarm into relational database:
  • Date In, Date Last, Alarm Status, Logical Node, Tagname, Value, Operator Node, Operator Name, Alarm Area, Alarm Priority
  • stores alarms, and from communications it sorts the alarms’ confirmations and then stores them as alarms with ACK status. Thanks to this, the alarms’ confirmations can be easily filtrated

Module AmeFIX Event Recorder

Enables the storage of events into relational database. The module has the following properties :

  • has the ability to store events using offset to Tagname, which enables to archive a large number of events with small number of I/O license points
  • gives two formats of archivization – the time of occurrance of the given state and its value(Date, Node, Tagname, Value) or time intervals for the given state(DateStart, Date-End, Node, Tagname, Value)

Module AmeGridX

AmeGridX is OCX controller which is used to present the following data:

  • from relational databases (contents of the Recordset ADO object)
  • generated by the program(VBA)
  • taken from other controllers by fastening their properties (animation)

The most important advantage of the controller is its ability to animate the colour of rows or of particular cells depending on their content. This enables the user to highlight characteristic data by colour, for example critical alarms.


Regulators for tuning PLC controller systems and signal spectra analysis (OCX controller).


Data acquisition and processing related to environment protection.