Technology processes

Control in copper industry

AMEplus experts co-operate with company KGHM Polska Miedz (Copper Smelting-Mining Combine): three mines, the ore enrichment plants, two smelters located in Legnica and Głogów, and Centre Technical Innovation INOVA. This co-operation concerns implementation of the programs to control processes of copper electrorefining, research and development works regarding the optimization of milling processes, the flotation of copper ores and the copper electrorefining were realized. Consortium: Automatyka -Miedz Głogów, AMEplus Gliwice and ELSUR Legnica realize a vast project for Copper Smelter “Legnica” named “System for control and monitoring the copper electro – refining process”.

Implemented projects include following investment tasks:

  • Control systems of processes for milling and flotation in metal ores treatment plants.
  • Control systems of processes in electro – refining of copper and associated processes
  • Control of large powers electric drives (above 1MW).
  • Systems of weighing and balancing raw materials and products in communication with system SAP R/3.
  • Telemetric systems for measurement stations of emission and immision,  and  reporting systems, in the range of Environment Protection.
  • Identification and positioning persons and technical devices using RFID readers in Mines.


Alpol Gips, Końskie

Control System of MT2, MT3, MT4 Technological Lines Used to Building Material Production.

Almix, Kazachstan

Control System of Technological Line Used to Building Material Production Together with Recipe Base Management.

Bumar Fablok, Chrzanów

Testing Station of Car Break Systems.

Cersanit Wałbrzych

Filter Press Control in Sewage Treatment Plant.

Elektrociepłownia Huta Katowice

Control and Monitor System of 36 MW Trubo-Generators

Elektrociepłownia Chorzów

Control and Monitor System of the warmth knot.

Elektrownia Szczytowo-Pompowa, Porabka-Zar

Remote Control and Monitor System of Pumps, Water Intakes and Water Objects.

Firma Chemiczna DWORY, Oświęcim

Control and Monitor System of Fluid Materials Storeroom. Control and Monitor System of Owipian Installation.

Grodkowskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja, Grodków

Control and Monitor System of Sewage Treatment Plant.

Huta Łabędy, Gliwice

Monitor System of Structural Shape Mill.

KGHM Polska Miedź o/ZWR Lubin

Modernization – Control of grinding and flotation processes. Control and Monitor of quick flotation processes.

KGHM Polska Miedź o/ZWR Polkowice

Control of grinding and flotation processes. 0, 9 -1, 8 MW Drive Control of Sphere Mills. Sifters Control next to PII Shaft. Modernization – Monitor System of concentrate drying processes. Monitoring of gas consumption with  MACMat communication.


Survey stadion of railway wagon breaks set.

KREISEL- Building Technique Sp. z o.o. Poznañ, o/BĘDZIN, o/UJAZD

The control system of technologic line production of building materials.

Lubelski Węgiel LW Bogdanka, Puchaczów

The reparations- reports system for carbon transformation department in LW Bogdanka.

Naftobaza Boronów nr 3

The control and monitoring system of patrol basis.

Nadwiślańska Spółka Węglowa KWK Janina, Libiąż

The monitoring system of technologic line in ZPMW – preparation station.

Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych i Mostowych, Kędzierzyn-Koźle

Monitor System and Management of Recipe Data Bases for Asphalt Production Stations.

Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Elektrycznych “Spirex”, Gdańsk

The control program and monitioring modification in CBC Gdynia cement faktory.

Rafako, Racibórz

Underpressure Control System in WLM 2.5 Boilers.

Paphos, Cypr

Control and Monitor System of Sewage Treatment Plant.

Zespół Elektrowni Wodnych Dychów

Tension and Deformation Monitor System of Formation in Power Plant “Dychów”.

Technical, Nowa Sól

The monitoring of model-type mass mixer.

Timken Polska, Sosnowiec

The visualization and archivisation of termal transformation int the AT-500 technology line on the basis of furnace set.

Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy”

The analysis of the PLC/MMI system propriety of the CO2 compressor.