Drivers OPC

Today’s SCADA systems of visualization use drivers in the OPC standard (OLE for Process Control). OPC provides standard interfaces for the sole purpose of facilitating interoperability between software components for a variety of different applications. Different specifications have been developed to provide standard interfaces to address the various needs of the industrial automation marketplace. This includes supporting new technology and the ever changing nature of marketplace.

AMEplus manufacture drivers, which communicate with automation devices, data concentrators and means of telecommunication (trunking radio, GSM, satellite communication). For example, the application of the monitoring and measurment system with GSM transmission using GSM driver was designed and developed by AMEplus.

EMR System of collecting data of emission.
The system realizes a protocol which communicates with radio modems of tracking network made by ROHILL ENGINEERING
WGA The driver realizes ASCII protocol. Communicates with conveyor belt scales. AMEplus
Grzegorz Kazior
MAC Microcomputer convertor MacMAT for turbine gas meter. Created for measuring the amount and flow of gas as well as the pressure and temperature. AMEplus
Grzegorz Kazior
IEC Driver for power engineering precautions SIEMENS and Rolls-Royce . Reads data and operates the events buffer AMEplus
Grzegorz Kazior

The FIX32 drivers list

MMI Enables communication with MULTIPRO and CARBPO 3.5 regulators made by Marathon Monitors(USA). Apart from reading and writing functions, the driver enables the programming of regulators. MULTIPRO and CARBPRO regulators are used for the regulation of heating and carbonizing processes in vacuum furnaces. The functions of these regulators are supplemented by the FIX32 application, which performs the following tasks :

  • process monitoring
  • organization of charges base
  • graphical presentation of temperature and carbon potential profiles
Lubuskie Zak³ady Termotechniczne „ELTERMA” S.A.
Piotr Maliñski
EMB Extended Modbus Communication
Driver elaborated for ENRAF system used in the petrochemical industry.
INTROL Przedsiêbiorstwo Automatyzacji
i Pomiarów
Jerzy Skrabania
PSC Enables communication with precautionary devices produced by AEG:

  • overcurrent (PS)
  • differential (PQ)
  • distant (PD)
VNT Dispatch Control System of Production and Safety ParametersIntegrates subsystems:

  • local control and production control
  • gasometry, including methanometry and explosion metry of continuous measurements,
  • early fire detecting
  • control of electrical energy and compressed air consumption,
  • control of conveyor and lokomotive transport
  • control of dewatering etc.

The system can be used in coal-mines(also methan ones)and ores, chemical, metallurgy power, electricity and others industries

MAC Microcomputer MacMAT convertor for turbine gas meter. Created for measuring the amount and flow of gas, pressure and temperature. Huta „£abêdy”
Tomasz Grzegorczyk
SUA The driver operates SUCOM-A communication protocol, which is serial protocol of transmission, for communication with controllers Klöckner-Moeller serie 30
FOX The driver elaborated for communication with controller of flow: Batch Controller made by the firm Foxboro Eckardt, applied in GASPOL Pleszew . INTROL
Marek Wo³oszyn
MFA Driver, which communicates with MFA 6E controller made by the firm Glötzl from Germany(applied in geotechnical measurement network in chamber of electric power station Por±bka-¯ar) BUDOKOP
Jerzy Krywult
GL1 SINEC L1 – communication with SIEMENS controllers. Software for controller, enables data transmission with paging. Miejskie Zak³ad Energetyki Cieplnej
Micha³ Osmola
EXR Operates EX RTU protocol which communicate with controllers produced by the firm ELKOMTECH used in power networks
OTT Operates OTT protocol. Modem transmission with measurements devices which deal with water level in rivers .